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Experts in Building Envelope, since 2006

We've focused entirely on Building Envelope, since 2006.

Hundreds of projects and clients later, we're still leading the industry.

Virginia-based, worldwide in work.

Building Envelope Consulting, LLC (BEC) Building Envelope Consulting, LLC is a Virginia-based small business (SWaM #697795) consulting firm located in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Region. Our firm is dedicated to the diagnosis of building envelope defects and the correlating development of roofing / waterproofing / building exterior repairs and remediation. 

BEC has been providing professional consulting testing services since 2006. Our experienced team offers practical, educated, and economical solutions to assist our clients in preventing air and water infiltration, complying with jurisdictional building codes and construction of sustainable buildings at every phase of construction through planning and development, design, construction and operation and maintenance. 

Our job is to design these components to comply with building code and project requirements and to prevent air, water and moisture problems or validate the performance of installed assemblies. Specializing in facade restoration, window/door replacement and roof replacement.

From project conception to successful occupancy, BEC will reduce call backs, improve quality of workmanship, limit disruption of daily activities and construction schedules, and reduce project costs.

At BEC we go beyond building envelope consulting and are committed to the bigger picture. We make it a priority to work closely with the entire project team to understand the vision, sustainability and goals of the project.

Our BEC Mission:

  • Provide practical and affordable solutions within budget
  • To have dry, warm and happy clients
  • Prevent problems
  • Educate clients and contractors
  • Create better environments
  • Dedicated to project success

Our BEC Vision:

  • BEC should be respected in the industry
  • Clients should WANT to work with us
  • BEC is passionate about the Building Envelope
  • Industry leader in consulting and commissioning
  • Able to be selective and only work with quality clients
  • Be innovative and stay current on technology

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BEC Testing Services

BEC offers a wide range of building envelope testing services that meet industry standards and building codes.

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