BEC, LLC’S Guide to Electronic Leak Detection

Will Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) benefit your roof?

Our guide will teach you the basics of ELD, including what surfaces are appropriate for ELD testing, what type of ELD is suitable for different roofing materials, and more. 

If you’ve considered ELD, this guide is a great way to learn more about this test and how it can help you certify your work before the owners and contractors access it.

We’ve also included a list of projects we’ve worked on and a diagram showing ELD results. Fill out the form to the right, and we’ll send you the guide!

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Electronic Leak Detection

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ELD testing is safe, fast, and completely nondamaging to your newly installed roofing membrane.

Pinpoint Accuracy

ELD can find leaks that are undetectable to the eye.

Same Day Repairs

ELD allows you to correct any detected leaks same-day.