Greenspring Village

Building Envelope Consulting

Greenspring Village
Springfield, Virginia

Client: Erickson Living

Year Completed: 2016-2018

Approximate Project Contract Value: Estimated $3 Million


Project Description

BEC performed design review, quality assurance and testing for the multi-phased window  and door replacement project at Greenspring Village, a multi-building senior living complex constructed in the late 1990s. Existing aluminum-framed doors and windows in twelve five-story residence buildings were replaced with vinyl windows, sliding doors and terrace doors. Exterior walls consisted of brick and stone veneer with an air space, asphalt saturated felt building paper, exterior sheathing and metal framing. New windows reduced air infiltration and improved thermal efficiency as well as met accessibility standards and improved the views for the residents. 

Design review consisted of review of construction drawings, specifications, and submittals in which BEC prepared a report identifying design discrepancies and recommendations to overcome weaknesses in the transitional details and development of a retrofit flashing and blocking solutions for the existing wall openings. BEC attended review meetings during each phase of the project to review project-specific details and revise as needed for each new condition discovered during installation. BEC provided part-time Quality Assurance for the window installation to inspect for compliance with Contract Documents including: storage of material, flashing installation, attachment, and sealants.  Upon completion of each site visit, PSI prepared daily reports of our findings with recommendations for remediation of observed deficiencies. 

BEC also performed water infiltration testing in general accordance with AAMA 501.2 spray nozzle method for the new vinyl windows, sliding doors and terrace doors to validate the installation assembly.