Design, Plan, and Peer Review

Specializing in facade restoration, window / door replacement and roof replacement.

BEC experts provide professional project reviews that help stave off construction failures and long-term building envelope issues.

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BEC provides clients project peace of mind through our third-party plan and peer reviews. Using our 50+ years of expertise as a guide, our consultants conduct each review from a building enclosure perspective, including identifying potential air and water infiltration, thermal defects, evaluating constructibility, selection of materials, and material compatibility.

We specialize in facade restoration, window/door replacement and roof replacement, and additionally confirm that materials, installation, and performance requirement needs meet industry standards and building codes. 

Why a Plan and Peer Review?

Construction projects, particularly expensive larger projects, require an extra level of due diligence to prevent wasted budget and enclosure failures. Meeting our clients' requests for our professional plan and peer reviews has resulted in their having better building projects.

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BEC Testing Services

BEC offers a wide range of building envelope testing services that meet industry standards and building codes.

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