Building Envelope Commissioning

A new industry addition that's a complete game changer.

While building commissioning isn’t new, focusing on building enclosure is a recent industry addition that saves construction projects countless dollars and downtime.

At BEC, we're proud to have been at the forefront of this industry game changer.


At the heart of building envelope is Building Envelope Commissioning, a strict quality-focused process wherein the energy performance of a facility, system, or assembly is evaluated and verified against defined objectives and criteria. Commissioning starts in the earliest phases of a project and continues until after the project is complete.

Through our Building Envelope Commissioning services, our consultants conduct peer reviews from a building envelope perspective. Using ASHRAE Guideline 0-2013 (the Commissioning Process), our consultants make redline digital comments and recommendations to client provided submittals.

Our experts adhere to these standards, which state that commissioning is “a quality-focused process for enhancing the delivery of a project. The process focuses upon verifying and documenting that the facility and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to meet the Owner’s Project Requirements.”

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BEC offers a wide range of building envelope testing services that meet industry standards and building codes.

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