Expert Witness

Although we hope it never happens, there are times when a situation escalates and requires legal action. Our experienced consultants have provided expert testimony in multiple states on a range of building envelope issues.

Using our 50+ years of experience as a guide, our BEC experts investigate claims and issues, identify any problems, review and provide analysis of other expert reports or claims, and then develop a proactive plan to solve issues before providing expert testimony at depositions, hearings, or trials. 

Whether the need is in a court room, in arbitration, mediation, or other dispute, BEC's experts are experienced, professional, and prepared to provide third-party evaluations of the construction issue from a building envelope perspective.

A sampling of our expert witness cases:


Horst Realty Company, LLC, t/a Horst Realty v. SHEA Enterprises, Inc., et al.       Civil Action No: 2013-cv-7784-cv

Served as Roofing expert for the defendant


Lea Zewdu Mengistu & Haileul Wolday Likanos v. Roger & Hannah Champ, General District Court, Loudoun County, Case No. GV 16007873-00

Served as siding expert for the plaintiffs against previous owners

CW Construction & Development, LLC v. Related Properties I, LLC v. DCI/Shires, Inc.; The Hanover Insurance Company; Makson Incorporated; NGM Insurance Company; Cook Siding & Window Co.; and Total Construction, LLC, AAA Case No. 01-15-0004-3544

Served as exterior wall consultant expert for Pending Arbitration

Berks Plant Design and Maintenance, Inc. v. GAF Materials Corporation a/k/a GAF, United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, Case No. 5:16-cv-06415 (JFL)

Served as roofing expert for the manufacturer

Mark & Julie Montee v. University Group, Inc.

Served as building envelope expert for the plaintiffs against contractor


Palisades of Towson, LLC v. TBD

Serving as Waterproofing Expert for Owner in Pending Litigation

The Lofts Condominium v. TBD

Serving as Waterproofing Expert for Owner in Pending Litigation

Hartford Condominium, c/o ProCAM, LLC v. TBD

Serving as Waterproofing Expert for Owner in Pending Litigation

Baroni v. Avenel, CCOC Case 55-11, Commission on Common Ownership Communities, Montgomery County, Maryland

Serving as steep slope roofing expert for Owner in Litigation against homeowner’s association

Rosen v. Kemper, Case No. 13 527 E02364 12

Served as roofing expert for the manufacturer in Litigation against homeowner


Spotsylvania Public Schools v. Branch & Associates, Inc.

Serving as Roofing Expert for Roofing Contractor

Architectural Standing Seam Roofing, Vapor Retarders and Condensation


Westar v. Kenbridge Construction Co.Case No. CL08-2439, Circuit Court Chesterfield County, Virginia

Structural Standing Seam Roofing, Architectural Standing Seam Roofing

General Building Water Intrusion

Taft Construction, Inc. v. Remington Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department, Inc.Case No. CL10-33, Arbitration, Fauquier County, Virginia

Architectural Standing Seam Roofing, Vapor Retarders


The Unit Owners’ Association of 1700 Kalorama Lofts v. 1700 Kalorama Condominium, LLC, Case No. 2006 CA 008677 B, Superior Court of the District of Columbia

Concrete Coatings, Spray Urethane Roofing, Modified Bitumen Roofing, General Building Water Intrusion

Snowshoe v. Rust Orling Architecture, Civil Action 09-C-25(R), Circuit Court of Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Shingles

General Building Water Intrusion


W.M. Foley Construction Corporation v. Michael Bono. Case No. CL32567, Circuit Court of Loudoun County, Virginia

Residential Shingles, EPDM Roofing 

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