Forensic Investigation

Determining the cause and providing a solution.

Through our unbiased eyes, BEC’s forensic experts investigate the cause of damage before providing tangible solutions.   


Water damage. Heat loss. What could have led to a building's failure? Our experts will find out.

Through our forensic investigation services, BEC's experts carefully evaluate a building's issues from a building envelope perspective. While common failures include water and air intrusion, failed systems, and material analysis, we conduct each investigation with fresh, unbiased eyes and consider all options before our work begins.

In keeping with our BEC mission, our investigations are thorough and professional. To help us in the pursuit of the truth and assembly of evidence, all of our building envelope forensic investigations include destructive and non-destructive testing services that we then document in photographs and video. At the conclusion of our investigations, we provide these pieces to our clients along with an actionable, detailed building envelope report.

Why Forensic Investigations?

Beyond knowing the cause of building failures and issues, BEC's forensic investigations can be used in open cases, insurance claims, and contract disputes.

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BEC Testing Services

BEC offers a wide range of building envelope testing services that meet industry standards and building codes.

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