Hopkins House Apartments

Roof Design

Hopkins House Apartments

Baltimore, Maryland

Client: WPM Real Estate Management  |  Year Completed: 2014  | Approximate Project Contract ValueNot determined

The   Hopkins   House  Apartments   building   consists   of   one   eighteen   story   apartment   building constructed   circa   1967.   The   roof   area   is   approximately   23,500   square   feet   and   consists   of structural concrete roof deck with hot-mopped vapor barrier, insulation board and single-ply roof membrane. There is a minimal parapet wall around perimeter. Roof accessories consist of HVAC   equipment   and   an   elevator   machine   room   penthouse.   The   Client   engaged   Building Envelope Consulting, LLC (BEC) to perform a roof survey and investigation for the design of the roof replacement project. 

BEC provided pre-design investigations and preparation of plans and specifications for bidding the   project.   BEC   hosted   a   pre-bid   meeting,   collected   and   reviewed   bids   and   submitted   a   bid summary to the Client.   Design challenges for the project included the addition of permanent fall   protection   anchors   for   window   washing   equipment   and   provision   for   solar   panels   and penetration   flashing.   Additionally,   tapered   roof   insulation   was   added   designed   to   raise   the perimeter   parapet   walls   to   meet   minimum   requirements,   provide   positive   slope   to   the   roof drains, add additional drains to meet minimum requirements and add through-wall scupper overflow drains. 

The   project   is   currently   on-going.   BEC   will   continue   to   be   involved   through   the   Contract Administration and Construction Observation phase of the project. Construction began in Spring 2015.